Deep Breath. Big Smile.

I debated for months whether to blog on this HUGE news. I thought about what I would write. I thought about why I enjoy what I enjoy from other blogs. I laugh at the stories behind recipes. I get the "I totally know where you're coming from" feeling even though I've never met the blogger. That's what I want. I want that connection. But I'm nervous. I'm anxious about what bumps and hiccups will come along the way. I feel vulnerable because it's so personal. Is this something I really want to share with readers around the world? Over the past few months, it has become hard to blog at all when holding on to such a big secret that seeps into everything I do and say everyday without giving it away. I thought and I thought and I thought. Then, I came to the realization that if this blog is a journal of inspiration food, beauty, and life as I state in my "About Me" section, how am I not to share the news? The truth is, this news has EVERYTHING to do with inspiration, food, beauty, and life. We are embarking on a new adventure. There are many stories to tell and many more to come. So here we go. 

Ready? Deep breath. Big smile.

My husband and I are expecting a baby girl come February 2013! We are extremely excited for this new addition to the family. Our parents and siblings look forward to meeting their first granddaughter/niece. 

And now that the secret it out, I can and will share more freely!

Mommy & Me
Me, Mom, Grandma. Looking forward to adding another girl to this photo! (not sure who took the photo? Dad?)


  1. You look so beautiful! I cannot wait to totally spoil Baby Girl!! Totally understand the vulnerability feeling. You are brave :-) xoxox

    1. Thank you!!! Those are words I needed to hear :) Much ♥ from Me & Baby.

  2. I know my congrats are late here, but either way, CONGRATS! You look stunning, and I'm so happy for you two!


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