Blue and White Gingham Ruffle Toddler Dress

Classic. Blue and White Gingham.

I love these ruffle elastic neckline dresses and so does Little Miss E! 
Looking forward to making many many more!
Took her first spill on the sidewalk this morning and scraped up her knee. Discovered her love for band-aids (just like stickers!).

E's New Skill Today: Twirling. Have anything to do with her new dresses? Maybe, maybe not. Adorable regardless!

E's New Word Today: Go!

Inspired by Once Upon a Sewing Machine: Ruffle Neck Peasant Dress Pattern and Tutorial.

I used the 12-18 month pattern and only cut out the pieces for the body. For the ruffle, I cut a rectangle of 30 x 6 inches but wasn't exact about it. Some of the other ruffle dresses I used a width of 5 inches (Tutti Frutti Summer Ruffle Toddler Dressand plus or minus a few inches for the 30" just depending on how much fabric I had left and how "ruffly" I wanted the neck to look. To make the arm holes smaller, I trimmed an inch off the top of the front and back pieces of the dress since by doing a double hem in the arm holes instead of adding on elastic, it makes the holes bigger. 15" of elastic seems to be enough for this munchkin but adjust as needed (Once Upon a Sewing Machine tutorial suggests 16" to 17" elastic length for 12-18 month size dress).


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