Gray Clothespin Doll Ruffle Toddler Shirt

Cutest. Print. Ever.

O.K. I might say that after every few bolts I pass by in the fabric store but seriously, how adorable is this print??? Doodle clothespin dolls on light gray. LOVE.

Sunset in the Park

I love this print so much, I think I need a bolt of it (well, maybe just a few yards).

Future project: Criss Cross Back Top Tutorial by Cotton & Curls.
Or maybe this one: Easy Gathered Girly Top Tutorial by Cotton & Curls.
Or maybe both.

I love mama, dada, and dandelions.

Inspired by Once Upon a Sewing Machine: Ruffle Neck Peasant Dress Pattern and Tutorial.
See previous ruffle dress/shirt posts for details on measurements.


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