Rainbow Nesting Bowls

Pull Out. Stack. Knock Down. Nest. Repeat.

At 14 months old, little miss E enjoys putting toys inside of boxes, purses, laundry bags, and crevasses. She also enjoys stacking and is starting to get the hang of puzzles.

These rainbow nesting bowls are the perfect baby-friendly toy. They can be used to teach colors, sorting (make balls with matching colors), unsorting, stacking, unstacking. They're also washable!

Tower of Rainbow Nesting Bowls
Crochet hooks make great music when clanged together!

Inspired by a mama friend and Seriously Daisies' Crochet Pattern: Rainbow Nesting Bowls. A few changes based on what I had and crocheted with joins at the end of each round instead of crocheting in spirals.

Gradation in light green bowl due to running out of apple green yarn, then used a light spring green yarn and then didn't want to make an additional bowl for yellow so topped it off yellow.... Ran out of pumpkin orange for the orange bowl so finished with marigold. One day I'll get the last red bowl done!

Stacking and knocking down nesting bowls is so much fun!


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