Paisley Bird Cream Ruffle Toddler Dress

Seven ruffle neckline dresses done! Classic Blue and White Gingham. Check! Tutti Frutti Summer. Check! Actually, this paisley bird dress was my first attempt at these ruffle dresses. Blog posts haven't been in order of dresses made due to laundry and due to whatever E was wearing at the time of a photographing opportunity.
The ruffle is less pronounced in this dress (mostly because I didn't cut a long enough rectangle but I kinda like the look!). The dresses following this one, I've made some adjustments to how I did the hemming to make it look neater (really only noticeable on the inside and probably only really noticeable to me or someone really looking... like my mom).

Inspired by Once Upon a Sewing Machine: Ruffle Neck Peasant Dress Pattern and Tutorial.


  1. Stephanie, I am really jealous of your sewing skills. I'm curious, what would you recommend for a newbie beginner? Your shirts and skirts look very professional. I love!

    1. Thanks Nilam! What are you interested in making? I'll PM you :)


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