Navy Twill Floral Pocket Knee-Length Skirt

Navy Twill Floral Pocket Knee-Length Skirt with Hint of Sunshine Fabric Necklace

I've had a 0.75 yard remnant of navy twill eyeing me from my fabric box for weeks now. It's a lighter weight twill (I'm not a twill expert but seems like there are lighter and heavier weight ones?). Like the Yellow Damask Skirt, I'm loving how versatile this skirt is (AND IT HAS FUN FLORAL POCKETS!).

Picking Clovers (DIY Pink & Teal Floral Hair Bow)

We recently made a move from an apartment to a house with a yard and love every inch of extra space! Yes for trees and grass right out the door.

Where's Your Other Shoe?

  • navy twill fabric two rectangles at 23 (width) x 29 (length) inches
  • serged all edges
  • extra large pockets sewn 6 inches from top of skirt
  • 24 inches of 2 inch wide elastic
  • pulled elastic taunt while sewing a straight stitch across the middle to create a little more ruffle but also to keep elastic from twisting


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