Robin's Egg Blue Linen Maxi Skirt

As you may have noticed, once I try one project, several renditions follow shortly. I get on a roll and don't stop until I lose momentum, or fabric, or matching thread.... After the Coral Linen Maxi Skirt and the Yellow Damask Skirt, I think I have most little kinks ironed out (see notes from previous skirt postings). 

E's wearing her Paisley Bird Cream Ruffle Toddler Dress

  • 24" of 2" wide elastic
  • 1.5 yards (54 inches) of fabric was too much. I ended up chopping off 8" from the length and will use it to color block a future floor length maxi skirt! Better measurements: 2 pieces of fabric at width 30" x length 45" (1.25 yards). 
  • Used leftover tan broadcloth from Yellow Damask Skirt for large pockets. Would love to use a fun print for future pockets but would probably have to use a darker outside fabric to make sure it wouldn't show through (navy linen maxi skirt with mustard yellow floral pockets??? yes please! or maybe a rust orange linen midi skirt with navy color block hem and gray poppy pockets?? double yes please!).
  • Sew pieces of fabric together prior to creating casing creates a cleaner finish after inserting the elastic because the hole you sew shut (from inserting the elastic) is along the same line as the stitching for creating the casing instead of sewing a line perpendicular to close the opening...(ok, that probably doesn't make sense to anyone but myself...).
  • Made pockets bigger than previous two skirts but I think they can go bigger still....
  • 13" slit up the sides although I think 15-16" would be better because a slit up to the knee "flaps" better (it started as 16" actually but then due to adjusting the length and then re-hemming up the bottom, it ended up a 13" slit and I really detest seam ripping so we'll just leave it as a 13" slit and adjust if necessary later...). Coral Linen Maxi Skirt has a 14" slit up the sides but it is a little shorter than this teal maxi. 
  • Serged most edges (didn't have to fold over twice for casing or any of the hemming).
  • No lining because fabric isn't see-through.
  • Didn't topstitch pocket openings, less stiff around the pockets which makes them more hidden in the gathering of the skirt.
  • Inspired by LeAna's Tutorial for an Elastic Waist Skirt at {A Small Snippet}.


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