Yellow Damask Skirt

I love the versatility of this skirt length and look. Topped with a solid navy tank, leather strappy sandals, and a bold bright necklace, it's classy chic for coffee out with friends or an early evening date night. Topped with a white collared fitted shirt and pumps, it's perfect for work. Topped with a tucked in flowy blouse and flats, perfect for church. And the pockets! Yay for pockets! Lip balm, cash, phone, keys. Done.

  • This skirt (as opposed to the first maxi skirt I made which didn't need a liner) I lined with a tan broadcloth that I used for the pockets as well. 
  • yellow damask fabric piece: 44" x 28"
    --> 2 pieces of width 22" x length 28" (fold over 4" for elastic)
  • tan broadcloth fabric liner: 42" x 24"
    --> didn't cut into two pieces, serged short ends together and sewed into casing with the outer fabric and liner in a circle; the 2" shorter width than the outside fabric accounts for the 1/2" you lose sewing the two pieces of the outside fabric together
  • Serged most edges (didn't have to fold over twice for casing or any of the hemming); folded over once for bottom hem.
  • 24" of 1.5" width elastic
  • Topstiched around pocket openings so edges lay flat.


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