Guest Blog Post: Infinity Scarves

Hi everyone!  Janice here, writing my annual guest post for Steph.  Being a graduate student definitely has its perks -- I love that I have these nice, long winter breaks so I can fly around the country and visit family.  I've also finally had time to devote to my needle crafting!  Hello to binge-watching Netflix shows (White Collar Season 5 just on Netflix!) and knitting (I've been on a mitten kick this year).

Last year, I visited in December and Steph and I made fleece-lined felt ear warmers. We wanted to make something different this year, but we were running a little low on inspiration.  A few weeks before I flew in, I e-mailed Steph this link as a fun project we might be able to dupe.  Alas, we couldn't find the right combination of fabrics to make the double sided infinity scarves, but we decided to make some single-patterned ones with the fabrics we did find!

Last year, when I visited, Little Miss E could only understand very basic sentences and wasn't saying much on her own yet.  What a huge difference one year makes!  She hasn't mastered full sentences yet but boy, can she communicate up a storm.  Her favorite game this trip has been something like this:

E yells, "AAAAYI*! Baby hug?" and offers me her baby doll.
I'll respond "Yes, please!"
Then E will respond, "NO." And run away.
Rinse and repeat x 100.

*A-yi means "Auntie" in Mandarin.

It's really fun... for one of us, anyway.  Haha.

Anyway, Steph and I braved the cold to take some photos for you.  It was a whopping 36 degrees F outside when we took these.  I hope you enjoy them!  Until next time! :)


 Inky Floral Linen Infinity Scarf

Stripes Away Jersey Infinity Scarf

Until next time...! Keep on creating!


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