Red Toddler Tunic (Crochet)

Nothing like a little red number to brighten up gray winter days!

Love all the details. 

I used 2 skeins of 100% cotton, medium (4) worsted yarn ("I Love This Cotton" from Hobby Lobby). The "Ooh La La Toddler Tank Top" pattern by Cre8tion Crochet uses a 5.5mm hook but I used a 4.25mm hook to make the top smaller. A 5.0mm hook would work great for a 2T size (I'm speculating since I lost my 5.00mm hook!). I also added on two rows to the bottom of the top to make it more tunic length; another 4 rows would make is closer to a 2T length.

Finished measurements:
  • chest - 21 inches
  • length from shoulder to hem - 18 inches
  • approximately 18-24 month size

So cozy over her favorite polka dot turtleneck and diy t-shirt leggings!

"Meow! Cheese!"


  1. yours turned out great! i am just now ATTEMPTING to start on the arm rounds...having some difficulty getting it just right any tips would be greatly appreciated. when it says "skip the next 11sts." do i slip stitch to get to the 12th stitch or tie off and start again? i have only crocheted hats and have been crocheting for two years now.. thankyou in advance

    1. Hi Jean! Thank you! If I'm understanding your question correctly, I believe you do not tie off to start over. Which round of the arms section are you working on? If it's Arm Round 2, is it this part "Fhdc20 more <21>. Count 11sts to the left of this row on bodice, and attach fhdc row in the 12th st." that's confusing? After the Fhdc, when you count out 11sts before reattaching with another fhdc, you're creating the arm hole. Hope that helps! I had to re-read the tutorial many many times and this is the second toddler tunic I made. Let me know if I can help further! Looking forward to seeing your final result.


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