Kohlrabi Greens Linguine

A couple weeks ago we explored the sassy sweet kohlrabi bulb. Here's a look at the leaves. The kohlrabi leaves cook up similarly to collard greens - so easy to saute with a little olive oil and garlic. These leaves made their way into a linguine with a little sweet tang from apple cider vinegar. The leftovers (minus the linguine) may make their way into a burrito with a slice or two or Havarti cheese! Yummy!

whole wheat linguine
kohlrabi leaves, chiffonade
grape tomatoes
marinated artichoke hearts, chopped
apple cider vinegar
garlic, minced
olive oil
sea salt

Tip: Start boiling water for noodles first and cook noodles while prepping and sauteing vegetables to make the most of your time and prevent any waiting around!


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