Updated Life List

Back in November 2012, I wrote a Life List. It's time to cross a few things off that list!

  1. Get married. (June 12, 2010)
  2. Be a Mom. (working on this one...crossing off in February 2013!) (Thank you dear Evelyn for being my sweet sweet daughter!)
  3. Breastfeed. (will get to this one, see #2) (Thank you dear Evelyn for being champ at nursing)
  4. Take a week long trip with my closest girl friends.
  5. Start a blog. (Edible Thoughts born on June 2, 2011)
  6. Visit Alaska before it melts.
  7. Nurture a flower and vegetable garden. (My husband is really the one with the green thumb but I help... Started May 2010)
  8. Have an art studio.
  9. Own a baby grand piano. (Mom and Dad, you're still holding on to my piano until we get a bigger house right?)
  10. Go to graduate school and study something I'm passionate about. (2009-Completed Master of Public Health in Nutrition from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and passed exam as a Registered Dietitian)
  11. To live in the same city as a sibling, a cousin, and/or a close girl friend; or at least be within driving distance (3 hours max including traffic).
  12. Be an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).
  13. Try glassblowing. (October 2011-Made Christmas ornaments)
  14. Successfully host a multi-course home-cooked meal for at least 6 people.
  15. Hang up my paintings for an art show.
  16. Eat my way through Italy.
  17. Explore Turkey.
  18. Take a ceramics class.
  19. Perfect the art of traditional Taiwanese boba.
  20. Own a sewing machine. (January 2012).
  21. Inspire a stranger.
  22. Take a spontaneous road trip.
  23. Design and build a home with my husband.
  24. Write a story telling cookbook. (Thank you my dear husband for the best Valentine's Day present - turning my Edible Thoughts recipe posts into a very professional-looking cookbook!)
  25. Own/Share a beach house.
  26. See family in Taiwan at least once every 5 years (last trip was May 2010).
  27. Spend a long weekend on Mackinac Island, Michigan.
  28. Study food anthropology.
  29. Attend an organized personal growth retreat (Elevate Mastermind).
  30. Be a small business owner (actually I never dreamed I would do this but now that is has happened, I'm enjoying the ride and definitely think it makes the list!). (Etsy shop opened May 1, 2012).
What's on your life list???


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