Blooming Garden Toddler Top

Love love love this garden print. Bright flowers over different fonts in black over a cream background. After making a few tunics and dresses, I decided to try a top with the sleeves ruffled in with elastic. It isn't perfect yet (see notes below) so there will be many more tops to come!

Little Miss E loves the outdoors. She enjoys picking flowers and now tries blowing on any flower in her hand as if it were a dandelion. 

  • two 6.5 inch pieces of 1/4" elastic for the sleeves (may need to continue to modify because had to make a few changes while sewing due to accidentally sewing the casing shut...)
  • 16 inches of 1/4" elastic for neckline
  • Option A: after sewing sides of shirt together, iron up an inch from each sleeve bottom and straight stitch in 1/4" from fold and again right in the middle of serged edge to create casing for elastic, leaving 1/2" opening for inserting elastic (this is the correct way, not the order I did it in which resulted in the casing being sewn shut)
    Option B: leave no "edging" (not sure what the correct term is) and just fold up half inch for casing with one line of straight stitching instead of two?
    Option C: hem up 1/4" the sleeve bottom, then sew 1/4" wide elastic straight onto the back side right above the hem, stretching the elastic while sewing it on (like the "Puff Sleeve Toddler Dress with Free Sewing Pattern" from The Stitching Scientist)
  • Inspired by Once Upon a Sewing Machine's Tutorial for Shirred Short Sleeve Peasant Dress or Top. Didn't use elastic thread.


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