Blueberry Floral Short-Sleeved Toddler Dress

Dressing a toddler can turn into a wrestling match or circus show. Imagine chasing a shrieking wiggle worm down the hall, trying to wrangle some clothes on the moving target so the said wiggle worm doesn't run out in only a diaper (if you're even so lucky as to get a diaper on!).

The best thing about this dress is that there isn't a front of back! It's reversible, no need to figure out which side needs to face forward! With an elastic neckline, there are no buttons to fumble through either (doesn't it drive you nuts when you finally get all the buttons done only to find out you've skipped one somewhere???).

I had been avoiding any tutorials with sleeves because I figured they'd be hard to match up, annoying to cut, or difficult to get right all around. Turns out they aren't that bad! Actually, there wasn't really anything to be afraid of!

Wiggle Worm? Who Me?



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