Honey Pineapple Linen Skirt

Top: Hauraki Tank by Akemi + Kin at Anthropologie. Skirt: DIY. ShoesBørn.
Love little surprises: wild strawberries, bird nests, pineapple pockets.

Pineapple Pockets
  • 24" of 2" wide elastic
  • linen/rayon blend in "wood honey" remnant 0.778 yards (28 inches by 51 inches)
  • used pineapple print cotton for the extra large pockets
  • Sew pieces of fabric together prior to creating casing creates a cleaner finish after inserting the elastic because the hole you sew shut (from inserting the elastic) is along the same line as the stitching for creating the casing instead of sewing a line perpendicular to close the opening...(ok, that probably doesn't make sense to anyone but myself...).
  • Serged all edges prior to piecing together
  • Folded over bottom hem twice for a cleaner edge inside and out
  • No lining because fabric isn't see-through.
  • Triple ruffle waistband: topstitched 1/4" down from top, straight stitched down casing, inserted elastic, stitched opening for elastic closed, stitched across middle while pulling elastic taunt to keep elastic and ruffles in place. 
  • My casing is more similar to what Jean does in steps #7-9 in her Tutorial: Easy DIY Elastic Wasit A-Line Skirt w/Pockets at {Extra Petite} versus what LeAna does in her Tutorial for an Elastic Waist Skirt at {A Small Snippet}.

Potentilla indica, mock strawberry. Edible.


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