Raining Purple Pinwheels - Short Elastic Waist Skirt with Pockets

The weather forecast for the week includes some chance of severe thunderstorms everyday. So all day we wait for a storm to come and in true Midwest fashion, nothing happens...until you stop thinking about it! This afternoon, we were finally showered with a little warm summer rain so we took our bare feet out for a treat!

Love the rain


  • 27" (3.4 yd) x 44" split down length wise for two 27" x 22" pieces with the 27" for the waist.
  • 25" of 1.5" wide elastic (usually I use 24" for a high-waisted skirt but since this fabric didn't come as wide as previous apparel fabric which usually comes in 58-60", I opted for something that would sit a little lower on my waist so I increased the length of elastic by an inch)
  • extra large pockets using white muslin
  • serged all edges except bottom of skirt which was the selvage edge so turned up once to hem
  • marked pockets 4.5" down from top so casing would be 2.25" wide; stitched 1/4" down from top fold and 1/4" up from serged edge


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