Floral Door Jammer

Little Miss E loves closing doors. She walks into a room, turns around, closes the door, and if I'm not in the room with her, she immediately proceeds to say, "mama? mama? mama? uh......."

It's time to make door jammers! My mom said she used to use tape so doors wouldn't close. I had some leftover floral duck fabric so used that and an old mattress pad for batting! A little elastic on both ends to loop over the door knobs and you're done!

I made two different ones. One with mattress pad batting and the other with quilt batting. The mattress pad batting is thicker so it actually keeps the door from closing all the way. The one with quilt batting will close but not click shut (so she can still get stuck in a room but can't lock herself in a room for when she figures out how to lock the door...).

- scrap fabric two pieces, 4" by 6"
- 1/4" wide elastic (or hair elastic bands!), two pieces 4" long
- batting or (scrap mattress pad) 3.5" by 5.5"

  1. Sew long ends together with right sides facing.
  2. Flip right side out so you have a tube.
  3. Insert batting and make sure it's in the middle of the tube so you have a little fabric left on both short ends.
  4. Tuck short ends in and insert elastic ends on both sides as pictured.
  5. Straight stitch closed both ends. Do an additional row of stitching if desired (will make ends more stiff). 
  6. Trim off loose ends and attach to doorknob!


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