Baby Doll Diapers

Baby dolls an their diapers. DIY doll on left.
As a kid, I toted around a blue and gray plaid doctor bag. It was a zippered pouch filled with little glass viles of potions labeled with scribbles and different colored waters. I had bandages made with felt, ribbon, and puffy paint. Oh my dear brothers - they had so many "ailments" only curable by the perfect mix of colors and silly dances. Thankfully neither of them have turned into purple frogs or polka-dotted monkeys as a result of my treatments.
These memories surfaced as I sat on the floor of the playroom, stuffing cloth diapers with my daughter playing beside me. She brought over her doll, said "purple," and grabbed the purple diaper and tried to put it on her doll. The doll wasn't having it, clearly the diaper was too big. To remedy this predicament, we got out some felt and velcro and made baby some diapers!

This is a great use of leftover felt and Velcro. If you only have the sticky part and not the soft part of the Velcro, the sticky part will work just fine but the felt it adheres to may quickly become pilly and frizzy.

no measurements required, just cut, adjust, and sew


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