Fall Floral Mini Brown Polka Dot Toddler Dress with Lined Bodice

Even though there are still 95F days in our forecast with 100% humidity, one can pretend it's autumn with fall-themed floral right???

forever stained blueberry fingers

  • Inspired by The Stitching Scientist: Puff Sleeve Toddler Dress
  • only two exposed seams - serged skirt to bodice, serged bottom band to skirt
  • Sleeveless - changed several steps from tutorial (made adjustments that made it much easier than the first trial). Tutorial to come....
  • 110% of 2T pattern makes closer to 18-24 month sizing (mostly in the arm hole area, maybe my seam allowances aren't big enough?? or maybe it's because there aren't sleeves?? chest circumference is big enough)
  • will try either 120% of 2T pattern next or 100% print of 3T pattern 
  • skirt measurement: 40x12", serged to a bottom band that's 40x3" and topstitched down over the serged part


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