{Inspired By You}: The Erin

I am inspired by people in my life everyday. Some of those people I see daily. Some of those people I see monthly. Some of those people I'm lucky to see annually. Regardless, they play a role in my life and influence me. Certain colors and color combinations remind me of them so I seek to create a collection titled {Inspired By You} to capture those influential people in color. 
"The Erin"

This necklace is inspired by my dear friend Erin. A beautiful independent woman who has conquered so many transitions in her life. She loves earth tones with bright bold accents which speaks to her personality. Very down to earth yet filled with sparkling ideas and a love for life. Erin, you inspire me!

Happy birthday Erin!

Available for custom order at Edible Thoughts on Etsy - "Crocheted Chunky Bead Necklace: The Erin {Made to Order}"!


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