Toddler Book Club: Harold and the Purple Crayon

I don't know the latest books out. I don't know the latest movies out. I'm lucky if I know the headlines on CNN. However, I can recite Llama Llama Nighty Night by Anna Dewdney and I Love You All the Time by Jessica Elin Hirschman and Jennifer Elin Cole in a moment's notice and I'm proud of that.
There are so many children's classics out there to make toddler book club so much fun! This was our second round and we choose Little Miss E's favorite color, purple. Because I couldn't find a box of crayons with just shades of purple, we went with purple and white paint instead so the little ones could make their own shades of purple!

Sir Bubs hard at play

painting is serious business

a full body experience

Little Miss E's purple foot

toes are for painting

purple pedicure

uhhhh...mama, I have something on my feet!

  • purple and white non-toxic paint
  • sponge shapes
  • foam brushes
  • purple feathers
  • poster board
  • over-sized purple t-shirts as smocks
  • wash cloths for clean-up (if warm enough out, end activity with a pool party to hose off babies)
  • water bin for babies to wash off themselves, sponges, and brushes

E's purple masterpiece


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