Purple Floral Red Ruffle Pop POP Preppy Top

This top goes out to a little girl whom I've never met but feel like I know already. She's the mini me of a grad school roommate of mine and I cannot wait to meet her and have her meet my little mini me. With their parallel love for putting socks on their hands, spinning on salad spinners, and wearing goggles on their heads, these two have so much to catch up on (I mean, come on, a lot can happen in your first two years of life!). Happy birthday Little Miss Sweet & Silly!


cross over bodice
back view of red ruffle pop collar

Inspired by Sew Easy Being Green's Pop POP Preppy Top Tutorial

  • Must've cut out pattern incorrectly or printed incorrectly because bodice didn't end up as wide as tutorial stated --> added more width to bottom part to have more gathering
  • Looking forward to making another one! So cute!
  • Finishing up this tunic late at night and mailing out in the morning so I apologize for the poor lighting!


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