{Inspired By You}: The Meghann

Yoga. Night shifts. Play dates. Sewing. Singing. Cooking. This rock star mama and her little mini me one cannot get enough of. She needs to start a blog or podcast of the conversations she has with her toddler. Her little one has an ahhhhh-mazing vocabulary and understanding of everything. I'm always blown away. It's like she absorbs what you say and spits it back out ten times cuter than you could imagine.

Purple goes to this rockin' pair. Purple. Purple's my favorite color, the first color word my daughter said, and is fun and flattering. Rock on Meghann!


A Few Things I Love About Meghann:
  • salted caramel hazelnut spread
  • has a song for everything
  • she's never short of doling out compliments (who doesn't love a pat on the back??)
  • game for almost anything at any moment's notice
  • her contagious smile 

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