Calming Glitter Bottle

With just a few inexpensive ingredients, you can make this fun little toy for your toddler. Pick a container that isn't too flimsy otherwise you might worry about the plastic puncturing (some people choose to use a glass container but then there's broken glass to worry about too!). I found a small bottle of baby oil at the dollar store which fits perfectly into an activity bag/purse/diaper bag and in the busy hand of a toddler.

Some have used this glitter bottles as "time out" bottles. When the child needs a breather, you can place the bottle on a flat surface and have them watch the glitter go down to the bottom. Then once it has all settled, their quiet time can be over.

Perhaps that idea works better with an older child because my not-two-yet-toddler doesn't let the bottle "sleep" to watch it settle. She loves to shake it up and turn and turn and turn the bottle and watch the "butties" go "bye bye" as they fall with gravity and hide behind the glitter with each turn. It's fun regardless and I'm sure her way of playing with it will evolve over the months! I'm thinking of making a few for the car, her backpack, downstairs, upstairs, etc.

Oh the many faces of a toddler!


  • dollar store baby oil (with child-lock)
  • assorted buttons
  • fine gold glitter
  • Krazy glue
  • hot glue

Unscrew cap from bottle and wash out with soap and water and let dry completed. Pour glitter and buttons into the bottle of baby oil. Wipe off the threads of the bottle too so your cap adheres better. With a generous application of Krazy glue inside the cap threads, screw the cap back onto the bottle. Using your hot glue gun, fill the space between the cap and bottle to make sure that cap isn't going anywhere! (child-lock cap, Krazy glue, hot glue = three ways to keep that cap on!) 

Love this face!


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