Double Bow Hair Clips

With the holidays coming up and dressy occasions, what little girl doesn't need some fancy hair bows? We don't go too crazy here but I'll admit, I did get a little carried away with her hair bow collection (granted, we lose several month to month so it was time to replenish her stash!).

To make your own, check out this Double Bow Video Tutorial and the following hair clip tutorials:
The Ribbon Retreat: Mini Clippie Instructions
Make It & Love It: Simple Bow Hair Clips

I did a combination of the tutorials and used the following materials:

  • hot glue gun and glue
  • scissors
  • 5/8" satin ribbon in various colors (approximately 20" per bow)
  • 1/4" grosgrain ribbon in various colors to match bow (4" per bow)
  • single (or double) prong metal alligator hair clips
  • felt (optional, 1/4" x 1" per bow)

  • If your ends are one up, one down, then there's no upside-down to your bow. If the ends are both on the same side, then your bow has an up or down which means it can only be worn on one side of the hair, right-side up.
  • Use satin ribbon without a "wrong" side, otherwise it'll show up in the loops unless you purposely twist it so it doesn't but that's just confusing.
  • Double Bow Tutorial

Looking forward to pairing these beautiful bows with her holiday party dresses! For now, we'll pair them with DIY leggings and her favorite pajama top!

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