Toddler Kitchen Apron with Purple Shirt-Sleeve-Pockets

DIY crocheted hat, fleece pants, and kitchen apron
In the last couple of months, Little Miss E has really gotten into cooking. She'll yell out "cook!" when we're driving, followed by "home!" when we're going running errands. She'll wake up from a nap and run straight to her kitchen. I love her love for cooking and being in the kitchen! Time to make her an apron and oven mitts (future blog post).

short sleeves for the pockets

grosgrain ribbon for the ties

  • Inspired by Aesthetic Nest's Child's Reversible Fat Quarter Apron.
  • Made the length shorter than the tutorial (18"x18") since it's for a toddler and that's how much scrap fabric I had!
  • For the pockets I used two shirt sleeves from an old shirt since I didn't use two different fabrics for the apron but still wanted contrasting pockets. 

This apron is toddler-approved!

The neck strap was a little long (used 16" per Aesthetic Nest's tutorial but that's for an older child so I could use 14" for the next toddler one) so I looped the waist straps up into the neck strap and tied a bow.


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