Felt Board: Dress-Up People

Putting on clothes is not very fun lately with all the layers and all the screaming and chasing a toddler down the hallway. However, maybe dressing up felt people can be more fun (and inspire her to put on clothes by herself?)?

Drew outlines on cardstock and cut out to trace onto felt.

Felt people coming to life!
Little Miss E chose the colors for all the pieces and asked for buttons to be on the tops and bottoms. 

All pieces are interchangeable except for hair, eyes, and mouths.

As she places the items of clothing on the people, she says the color and item! So fun.

Yellow scarf. Green pants.

Purple hat. Green heart.

Hoarding all the pieces.

Putting on Winter Clothes Rhyme

Thumb in the thumb place
Fingers all together
That's what we say in mitten weather
Hats on our heads 
Scarves around our necks
Warm boots, warm boots
So we don't get wet


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