Felt Crowns

The felt festivities continue! This time we're venturing into crowns. I did a combination of hot glue gunning and sewing but you could do it all without a hot glue gun if desired.

  1. Measure child's head. This two year old's head circumference is approximately 18 inches (exact measurement isn't necessary here since toddlers are squirmy and you'll have elastic in the back for wiggle room).
  2. Draw and cut out crown template on card stock (you only need half of a crown because you'll fold the felt in half to cut it out symmetrically). Here I marked that the felt part will be 16 inches once cut out and that you should cut out 2 inches of elastic but I think 3 inches of elastic actually works better because you'll have 1/2 inch sewn into both sides of the felt part, leaving you with 2 inches exposed, giving you a total final crown circumference of 18 inches. Though the scrap elastic I used was pretty heavy duty so looser elastic may do fine at 2 inch length. Play around!
    I ended up changing it to 3 inches of 3/4 inch width elastic, not 2 inches as photographed.
  3. Cut out decorative pieces and glue or sew onto right side of crown.

  4. Place wrong sides together. Pin so the pieces don't shift. Pin elastic 1/2 inch in on one side. If you used different colors of felt for front and back, match up your thread colors too! Topstitch around, 1/8 to 1/4 inch in, depending on how well your two felt pieces lined up - you can always trim off the excess felt after. When you get to the opposite end of the felt where the elastic should be, insert the other end of the elastic and sew shut, going over it a few times to make sure it's secure.

Found a crocheted butterfly in my "scrap box" from years ago. It has a new home now.


  1. Love these - I think I will make some for my friends (who are all grandmothers) - we will be Queens whenever we're in the mood. And I will tell them all about the designer & her daughter.


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