Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Felt Board: Ducks, Penguins, Fish, Oh My!

Took apart a moving box and removed the flaps to make our felt board. Folded over the edges of a large piece of felt and used painter's tape on the back to secure the felt. Board can be propped up against a wall, stand alone (since it has folds like a tri-fold but a quadri-fold...), or placed on the floor!

"Mama, duck kiss penguin!"

Felt boards are easy to make and fun for little hands! We used googly eyes but if you're worried about your child picking them off and eating them, gluing on felt eyes or hand sewing on eyes are other options!

This is a project that can be added to over days, weeks, months, as you and your child are inspired to make more creatures! All you need is a hot glue gun, different colored felt, scissors, and some imagination.

Collecting ducks.

"Mama, ducks swimming."
Find templates for animals to cut out via Google images and print on card stock to trace onto felt or freehand it.

Our ocean friends.

Googly eyes bring life to these felt fish!

Still need to make some hermit crabs, turtles, sea horses, star fish, but it's a start! 

"No pictures. All done."

Here are some fun rhymes to go with felt board play!

5 Little Penguins Swam the Ocean Floor
5 Little penguins swam the ocean floor,
One saw a whale, then there were 4.

4 Little penguins twirled around, wheeeee!
One spun off, then there were 3.

3 Little penguins with nothing to do,
One went fishing, then there were 2.

2 Little penguins having lots of fun,
One slid away, then there was only one.

One little penguin, when day was done,
Went home to sleep, the there was none.

Five Little Sea Creatures

Five little sea creatures
On the ocean floor;
The lobster walked away
Now there are four.

Four little sea creatures
Living in the sea;
The octopus crept away
Now there are three.

Three little sea creatures
Wondering what to do;
“Good-bye,” said the starfish
Now there are two.

Two little sea creatures
Not having fun;
Off swam the sea horse
Now there is one.

One little hermit crab
Sad and all alone,
Back came the starfish,
Back came the sea horse,
Back came the octopus,
Back came the lobster,
Then all five went home.

Five Little Fishes

Five little fishes, swimming in a pool
The first one said, “The pool is cool.”
The second one said, “The pool is deep.”
The third one said, “I want to sleep.”
The forth one said, “Let’s take a dip.”
The five one said, “I spy a ship.”
Fisher boat comes,
Line goes *kersplash*
Away the five little fishes dash.

Octopus, Octopus

Octopus, octopus down in the sea,
How many arms can you show to me?
Only one, or will it be two?
Why are all of these arms on you?
Will it be three or will it be four?
Oh, dear me! Are there really more?
Will it be five or will it be six?
I think that my eyes are playing tricks.
Will it be seven or will it be eight?
Tell me, octopus. I cannot wait.
Octopus, octopus down in the sea,
How many arms can you show me?

Blue Shark, Blue Shark

Blue shark, blue shark
What do you see?
I see a green turtle swimming next to me.

Green turtle, green turtle
What do you see?
I see a purple octopus gliding next to me.

Purple octopus, purple octopus
What do you see?
I see an orange seahorse floating next to me.

Orange seahorse, orange seahorse
What do you see?
I see a red crab crawling all over me.

Red crab, red crab
What do you see?
I see a yellow fish flying past me.

Yellow fish, yellow fish
What do you see?
I see a big whale coming after me!

Fish in the Sea
Sung to The Wheels on the Bus

The fish in the sea go swim, swim, swim
swim, swim, swim, swim, swim, swim
The fish in the sea go swim, swim, swim
All Day Long.
The lobsters in the sea go pinch, pinch, pinch
pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch
The lobsters in the sea go pinch, pinch, pinch
All Day Long
The octopus in the sea go wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
The octopus in the sea go wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
All Day Long
The crabs on the beach go scurry…scurry…scurry… scurry…scurry…scurry… scurry…scurry…scurry…
The crabs on the beach go scurry…scurry…scurry…All Day Long.

Rhymes from Learning Wonders.

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