Upcycled T-Shirt Hat: Ribbon Roses on Gray-Striped One Knot Hat

Good thing once we hit toddlerhood, growth slows down (compared to the first year) so clothes last longer! Little Miss E's hat collection this fall and winter has grown tremendously and I'm excited for her to get a couple seasons out of them (or at least some of them!).

Since she hasn't been interested in putting on clothes to play outside in the snow, dear daddy brought the snow indoors!

T-shirts present endless possibilities in the crafting world. We've transformed them into leggings here and now they're turning into hats! Many more renditions to come, I'm sure. What a great transition into spring with these light cotton knits!

Ribbon roses for some flair!

7/8" grosgrain in apple green, 5/8" grosgrain in yellow chevron

WashU Bear needed a beanie too. His is made out of a long-shirt sleeve with ZERO sewing. Cut at seam where arm joins shoulder, knot off the top. Done. Great for teddy bears and newborns!

Inspired by:

  • For 2-5 year old size, cut so hat circumference is around 17-18" (prior to sewing) with a depth of approximately 7" prior to taper (for tying a knot on top) and taper quickly until 2" width for 3-4" depending on thickness of shirt.


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