Cinched Holiday Ear Warmer (knit)

Some days you wake up and you're grumpy. Like you do something, it makes you grumpy. You don't do something, it makes you grumpy. Well, that's how my toddler is today. Talk about mood swings. So we're trying to sparkle things up. Add a little rainbow to our step. Enjoy the sunshine. 

The perfect amount of sparkle for the holidays and everyday!
Love how the cinched ear warmer looks like a bow!
  • Less than 1 skein of Isaac Mizrahi Craft University yarn in Julliard
    • 40% acrylic/31% superwash wool/29% polyamide
    • Product Care Instructions: Hand wash. Lay flat to dry.
    • Recommends 5 mm US 8 knitting needles for 18S x 24R
  • Used 5.5 mm US 9 knitting needles
  • Yarn needle
  • cast on 20
  • garter stitch until reach 14 inch length
  • cast off and leave a long tail to sew the short edges together 
  • cinch sewn edges and wrap around seam for desired look, weave in remaining end.
Finished Measurements
  • circumference = 14 inches
  • width = 4.5 inches
Inspired by It's a Cinch Head Wrap and Collar by Elisa McLaughlin.

Some times you need a little sparkle and rainbow to counter grumpy feels. 

Girasol Earthy Rainbow Double Weft. Size 6. Double Hammock with Freshwater Finish Tied Under Bum.
Earrings by Ear Sugar


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