To Do List and Molasses Cookies

October 31st = Halloween
November 1st = less than 2 months until Christmas

For some reason, November always seems a lot closer to the end of the year than October 31st. Thanksgiving is coming. Christmas is coming. The new year is almost here. Time to clean-up a few things so we start anew in 2016!

To Complete By the End of 2015: 
  • Back-up all photos onto external hard drive.
  • Upload photos for printing - we said we would never be more than 6 months behind again because it was such a process to organize photos the last time we went more than 6 months but alas, we're 10 months behind this time and by the time we organize and upload, we'll probably be 11 months behind....
  • Print photos for photo albums (baby steps here, see above two points - each step needed to make the next one happen!)
  • Clean-out closet and dresser - donate clothes that haven't been touched in a year.


Nah. One thing at a time.

Just relax...

...and make cookies!

Molasses cookies anyone? We used this molasses cookie recipe.

dough balls rolled in sugar ready for the oven

perfectly crackled

2016 promises to be a year of exciting changes and more adventures! Gotta make room! Anyone else have end of the year resolutions?


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